Welcome to the knoxville, tn alpha unit


 Alpha Unit dates back to 1965, when Mrs. James Loveday (Rena) organized a group of club leaders for a course of study in parliamentary procedure. The state organization, Tennessee Association of Parliamentarians, was formally organized in September of 1969. Today’s members are still pursuing the study of parliamentary procedure, both for their own education and to better serve the community


 The National Association of Parliamentarians is composed of people who want to increase their own knowledge of parliamentary procedure as described in RONR and share that knowledge with their community. When five or more members of NAP live in the same area, they organize into a Unit. The unit meets on a regular basis, primarily for study. The Knoxville unit is called Tennessee Alpha because it was the first unit organized in Tennessee. 


 There is also a state level organization, the Tennessee Association of Parliamentarians. TAP holds an annual meeting to conduct business and there is always an educational component. The public is welcome to attend the education sessions. A small fee is generally charged to cover materials.